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LARUS Compact®

The compact Drivetrain Technology. LARUS Compact.The main gearbox experiences torque only.

THE CLEVER DRIVE TRAIN >>> All W2E wind turbine models incorporate a  much noted drivetrain architecture, designed with an important goal in mind: to reduce wear and tear on the main gearbox. We called our patented drivetrain architecture LARUS Compact®. The name implies that this unique architecture not only increases the service live of the main gearbox, but it also drastically reduces the tower head weight of all of our wind turbine models.

Additionally, we developed LARUS Compact® with up-tower repair- and replacement capability in mind. Since this has a positive impact on the insurance premium, all current O&Os of our power plants value the advantageous up-tower access to all sub-components. The maintenance personnel also values our drivetrain design for the direct gateway from the nacelle housing to the rotor hub. Besides ensuring a temperature-controlled environment for the hub-based electronics, the direct gateway is an additional asset for a quality maintenance job.

Building on our team’s industry insight, we utilized drivetrain components that are proven standard in other mechanical engineering applications as well as in other wind turbine makes. We just integrated them in a novel, well thought out way. Gearbox makers, certification agencies and underwriters, involved in the LARUS Compact® design process, all speak in high terms of this approach to increase gearbox availability. Ten years of flawless main gearbox operation in our installed fleet support these expert opinions.

If you are interested in our technology and wish to learn more about LARUS Compact®, we will be glad to provide further detail.