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Harvester wind turbines >>> High yields on low wind sites are possible with Harvester wind turbines an their extra large rotors. The harvester turbines use the proven technique of the overall product portfolio. We offer different performance classes for different areas of application: Larger Rotors and 3.3 MW.

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Data Sheets

W2E 2.0 MW wind turbines

Data sheet W2E-93/2.0 and W2E-100/2.0Short technical overview over W2E-technology of 2.5 MW

Download data sheet W2E 2.0 MW wind turbine
PDF  / 266 kB

W2E 2.5 MW wind turbines

Download data sheet of wind turbine W2E-100/2.5
PDF / 89 kB

W2E 3.0 MW wind turbines

Download data sheet of wind turbine W2E-120/3.0fc
PDF / 128 kB

Download WindPro data.

4 MW

Short technical overview over W2E-Harvester-technology Data sheet of Harvetser technology 2.0 MW

Download data sheet W2E Harvester 2.0 MW wind turbine 
PDF / 362 kB

Download data sheet of wind turbine Harvester W2E-132/3.0fc
PDF/99 kB.

Download WindPro data.

Download data sheet of wind turbine W2E-120/3.3fc
PDF/123 kB.

Video Documentation

Installation of a 2.0 MW wind turbine

Documentary: Installation of a 2.0 MW, tubular tower wind turbine (6:17 min)

Installation of a 2.5 MW wind turbine

Documentary "The Laasow project": Installation of a 2.5 MW, lattice tower wind turbine (5:54 min)