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Wind turbines of the 2.0 MW class >>> The light weight wind turbine technology provides turbines for various locations. The W2E-93/2.0 turbine is most suitable for standard wind conditions and the W2E-100/2.0 for low wind speed sites. Both stands for most efficient wind power plants in its class.

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Data Sheets

W2E 2.0 MW wind turbines

Data sheet W2E-93/2.0 and W2E-100/2.0Short technical overview over W2E-technology of 2.5 MW

Download data sheet W2E 2.0 MW wind turbine
PDF  / 266 kB

W2E 2.5 MW wind turbines

Download data sheet of wind turbine W2E-100/2.5
PDF / 89 kB

W2E 3.0 MW wind turbines

Download data sheet of wind turbine W2E-120/3.0fc
PDF / 128 kB

Download WindPro data.

4 MW

Short technical overview over W2E-Harvester-technology Data sheet of Harvetser technology 2.0 MW

Download data sheet W2E Harvester 2.0 MW wind turbine 
PDF / 362 kB

Download data sheet of wind turbine Harvester W2E-132/3.0fc
PDF/99 kB.

Download WindPro data.

Download data sheet of wind turbine W2E-120/3.3fc
PDF/123 kB.

Video Documentation

Installation of a 2.0 MW wind turbine

Documentary: Installation of a 2.0 MW, tubular tower wind turbine (6:17 min)

Installation of a 2.5 MW wind turbine

Documentary "The Laasow project": Installation of a 2.5 MW, lattice tower wind turbine (5:54 min)