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About us

Founded in Germany in 2003, W2E designs, develops and tests state-of-the-art wind turbines of the 2 MW, 3 MW and 4 MW classes for licensing and production with partners worldwide. This gives you as a manufacturer or operator the advantage that your wind turbines can be optimally adapted to the conditions and specifications on site. In addition, you not only receive the turnkey erected and tested turbines, but also the complete manufacturer know-how including certification, support and training.

W2E Wind to Energy GmbH

Wind as an alternative non-emitting energy source will continue  to established itself in the years to come. Energy production by means of wind power will become more effective.  Worldwide, greatly diverse wind environments require modern, innovative technologies which bring high yields.

Throughout the entire value-added chain of wind energy, the cost and the yield of wind turbines are being compared over and over again. In that respect, W2E sees the manufacturers of the wind turbines and the operators of wind parks as market annalists for various system concepts or technologies.

As a rule, it should be possible to use one technology for different locations with different wind conditions. W2E transforms this demand consistently in developing its inter-platform strategy.

W2E, thanks to its efficiency in engineering development, processes that are transparent to licencees  and technologically innovative thinking, provides  the market with wind turbines of long life expectancy, high technical availability and maximum yields.

The aim of W2E is the development of COMPLETE wind turbines of the multi-megawatt class including  the certification and operation of prototypes. The company's services extend from concept development to the construction of machine elements, dynamic simulation and analysis, load calculation, FEM calculations, the examination of grid behaviour, operational management and control to layout and specification of electrical and  technical safety systems.

All wind turbines are designed for the onshore market, but the necessary prerequisites for the offshore business are already met today: condition monitoring, redundancy concepts, crane and replacement concepts, plug & play of components, maintenance-free energy accumulators for the pitch system, etc.

Of course, the expanded grid connection conditions of the BDEW [Federal Association of the Energy and Water Management Industry], the Technical Guideline for Generating Plants of the Medium-Voltage Power Grid, the Transmission Code 2007 and other national and international grid codes are included in the development from the start. From the beginning, the characteristic criteria of plant insurance providers are taken into account to achieve a favourable rating of the wind turbines.

The development results are offered to potential customers under licence. Our focus is international. Our product consists of documentation which enables licencees to produce the developed wind turbines, to start them up and to maintain them.

  • Calculations
  • Verification papers
  • Certificates
  • Parts lists
  • Specifications
  • Descriptions
  • Drawings
  • Manuals
  • including training material

Worth knowing about the company’s history

Establishment of W2E Wind to Energy by the founding team

Establishment of the subsidiary, W2E Wind to Energy Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan [USA]

Startup of prototypes of the first own development of a 2.5 MW wind turbine (160 m lattice mast, 90 m rotor diameter) which is the highest wind turbine in the world, in Laasow, Germany

Move to new business premises at Strandstrasse 96,
Rostock, Germany

Development of a new 2.0 MW wind turbine

USA Office relocated to London, Ontario [Canada]

First set of 2.0 MW turbines (W2E-93/2.0) were erected and commissioned

Development of a new 3.0 MW wind turbine

Erection and commissioning of the captive 2.0 MW research turbine prototype in Tarnow/Germany

First set of 3.0 MW turbines (W2E-120/3fc) were erected and commissioned

At present
30 employees

Why W2E?

  1. Since 2004 and with 25 employees, W2E has designed and licensed three fully certified wind turbine platforms based on market analyses (trendsetting). All types of turbines are 100% measured and certified acc. to the IEC 61400 and the GL guideline and fulfill the international requirements of grid connection incl. LVRT. W2E reached as first company worldwide the A-Design-Assessment according to the GL 2010.
  2. Unique patented Drive Train Concept "LARUS-Compact" particularly in combination with the HybridDrive (unit between gear-box and generator) [unit consists of direct coupled gearbox and generator]
  3. W2E’s highly trained R&D staff with ample field expertise works closely together with our seasoned wind turbine technicians and wind farm operators.
  4. The personnel of the licensee is always in direct contact with the designer of the turbine (product-management, face-to-customer) and will be updated automatically weekly with the newest solutions and documentation via FTP.
  5. W2E designs state-of-the-art wind turbine technologies and in pace with other offerings on the market, optimised to the local needs (wind, market, supplier etc.), especially in consideration for the local content. The 3MW turbine was awarded "The Turbine of the Year 2013" (Silver Medal).
  6. W2E owns, operates and market-readies prototype turbines of each new design (with exception for the 4MW platform) and the licensees benefit from field-proven license products. The prototypes are the essential basis of a long-term research work.
  7. W2E is researching for the future, e.g. model-based controller, load reduction, de-icing, noise reduction (co-operations e.g. with RWTH Aachen University, University of Rostock).