Technology on Demand

Founded in Germany in 2003, W2E designs, develops and tests state-of-the-art wind turbines of the 2 MW, 3 MW and 4 MW classes for licensing and production with partners worldwide. This gives you as a manufacturer or operator the advantage that your wind turbines can be optimally adapted to the conditions and specifications on site. In addition, you not only receive the turnkey erected and tested turbines, but also the complete manufacturer know-how including certification, support and training.


Installed Megawatt worldwide

Germany: 140 MW
India: 60 MW
Kasachstan: 44 MW
China: 34 MW
Iran: 120 MW
Bulgaria: 72 MW
France: 62 MW
Belgium: 32 W
Spain: 12 MW

Sweden: 12 MW
Poland: 17 MW
Ukraine: 300 MW
Azerbaijan: 50 MW