We develop, test and localize wind turbines.
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TAKE A SERVICE >>> W2E also offers a wide range of additional services, independent from the wind turbine licence business: mechanical engineering, load calculation, measurement and verification, FEM and structure optimization, multi-body simulation, electrical engineering, modelling and simulation of electrical characteristics, experimental investigations of noise and vibration, safety system, turbine control software design and others ...


2D/3D CAD design

W2E has more than 20 years experiences in mechanical design and construction of wind turbines in different drive train concepts and tower designs. W2E mechanical engineering comprises and offers tasks like:

  • CAD 2D/3D design of overall wind turbines from rotor, nacelle, tower, and foundation with creation of their drawings and specifications
  • Design of different tower types such as tubular, lattice, concrete hybrid, and lattice hybrid tower
  • Customized designs and improvements for hot & cold climate conditions, strong wind and/or dusty regions
  • Design of assembly- and transport tools
  • Design of lifting and repair tools
  • Design of mobile onboard crane solutions for wind turbines
  • Close cooperation with highly qualified, international development partners for gearbox, bearings, blades, cabine, casted and welded construction

The large experiences of the W2E staff in design and construction of overall wind turbines leads to an cost optimised, efficient wind turbine design. Also digital mock-up tests for easy maintenance access are carried out.

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