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TAKE A SERVICE >>> W2E also offers a wide range of additional services, independent from the wind turbine licence business: mechanical engineering, load calculation, measurement and verification, FEM and structure optimization, multi-body simulation, electrical engineering, modelling and simulation of electrical characteristics, experimental investigations of noise and vibration, safety system, turbine control software design and others ...


Experimental investigations of noise and vibration

Using its own measurement equipment W2E is active in the field of experimental structural dynamics. The following investigations can be carried out:

  • Application of classical and operational modal analysis to all turbine structures (nacelle, tower, blade) for a modal parameter identification
  • Analysis of tonalities and its reduction
  • Sound path analysis
  • Application of vibration absorbers
  • Procedure design for sound reduced operation
  • Optimization of turbine control for vibration reduction

The staff of W2E has large experiences in structural dynamics of large mechanical structures, such as wind turbines, vessel and offshore structures. The structures can be investigated with respect to its modal and forced vibration behaviour. As a result of these investigations the structure can be optimised with respect to its structural behaviour e.g. by vibration absorbers or turbine control optimisation.  

Closely related to the vibrational behaviour the noise of wind turbine structures can be investigated. As a result of these investigations the tonalities of a wind turbine can be reduced e.g. by insulation. Due to the design and operation of wind turbines W2E has large experiences in the procedure design for sound reduced operation.

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