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TAKE A SERVICE >>> W2E also offers a wide range of additional services, independent from the wind turbine licence business: mechanical engineering, load calculation, measurement and verification, FEM and structure optimization, multi-body simulation, electrical engineering, modelling and simulation of electrical characteristics, experimental investigations of noise and vibration, safety system, turbine control software design and others ...


Load calculation, measurement and verification

Wind turbines are dimensioned by its structural behavior in combination with the highly dynamic loads caused by the environmental conditions. The interface loads of the wind turbine obtained by detailed dynamic simulations are the foundation of the wind turbine design. The load calculations are based on the DNVGL guideline and the IEC 61400-1 standard to fulfill the requirements of well-respected certifiers.

The dynamic load calculations are carried out using alaska/Wind, MSC.Adams and FLEX5. Flex5 has been developed at the DTU Copenhagen and is permanently enhanced by W2E. In combination with the in-house postprocessing tool FLEXAnim W2E is able to provide a basic wind turbine design within a very short period of time. For advanced dynamic simulations W2E uses the general purpose multibody programs alaska from the TU Chemnitz and MSC.Adams from MSC.Software. MSC.Adams has been extended by NREL’s AeroDyn v14.0 for including aerodynamic loads. Both multibody programs are expanded by C++ and Fortran90 user interfaces for connection with the original controller software.

The load measurements on the wind turbine prototypes are carried out according to the IEC 61400-13 standard. The load calculations using alaska/Wind, MSC.Adams and FLEX5 has been verified using real measurement data of a 2.05 MW wind turbine prototype (more details). In addition a multibody based Hardware-in-the-Loop testrig has been built-up to verify the original controller hardware.

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