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TAKE A SERVICE >>> W2E also offers a wide range of additional services, independent from the wind turbine licence business: mechanical engineering, load calculation, measurement and verification, FEM and structure optimization, multi-body simulation, electrical engineering, modelling and simulation of electrical characteristics, experimental investigations of noise and vibration, safety system, turbine control software design and others ...


Multi-body simulation

Multibody simulation is the most powerful dynamic simulation tool for complete mechatronic systems. General purpose multibody simulation tools, such as MSC.Adams and alaska, provide the possibility to calculate any arbitrary dynamic system.

Multibody systems are a simulation method for complete dynamic systems with a practically unlimited depth of details. Typically multibody systems comprise a finite number of rigid and flexible bodies connected via ideal constraints and joints. Furthermore force, damper and actuator elements can be included into system simulation. The flexible bodies are typically modelled by a modal representation allowing the simulation of large rigid body motions covered by small displacements keeping the degrees of freedom at a minimum level.

The extension of multibody systems by user routines allows the consideration of automation and control routines. Furthermore there exist predefined interfaces to MATLAB/Simulink for designing and testing control algorithms using a realistic control path.

The W2E staff has strong experiences in multibody simulation in the fields of wind energy, aircraft engineering (more details) and general research on that topic. A close cooperation in research and education to the Chair of Technical Dynamics (see more) of the University of Rostock keeps W2E up to date on recent developments in multibody technology.



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