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TAKE A SERVICE >>> W2E also offers a wide range of additional services, independent from the wind turbine licence business: mechanical engineering, load calculation, measurement and verification, FEM and structure optimization, multi-body simulation, electrical engineering, modelling and simulation of electrical characteristics, experimental investigations of noise and vibration, safety system, turbine control software design and others ...


Turbine control software development

The control software development is one of the central aspects when designing a wind turbine. The quality of the controller algorithms is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of wind turbines. W2E’s controller software fulfils the current operating and safety standards given in the DNVGL guideline.

The development of efficient turbine control software is an essential part of the wind turbine design. Due to the strong influence of the control software on the loads acting on the wind turbine W2E permanently enhance their controller software to keep their wind turbine developments on cutting edge technology. Currently W2E works in parallel on the development of classical and advanced controller schemes for wind turbines. The W2E staff has more than 20 years experiences in the development of wind turbine controller software.

The classical controller schemes based on PID algorithms enhanced by advanced filter technologies are currently standard at W2E. The advantages of that technology are the easy maintenance and the low requirements to the controller hardware. All parameters used within the controller software are the result of an optimisation process done for various operating points.

To be prepared for future developments W2E cooperates with the renowned Institute of Automatic Control (read more) of the RWTH Aachen University to develop cutting edge model predictive controller software (see details). Findings of that research are stepwise introduced to the classical controller software and practically tested on W2E prototypes.


The application software is designed for different hardware platforms: M1 (Bachmann), WP4x00 (Mita-Teknik) and I/O Field Controller 750 (WAGO). The software architecture is based on standardised languages: Instruction List, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart and Structured Text (IEC 61131). Also C and C++ codes are applied.

Supported SCADA systems are WPS (Bachmann) as well as MiScout and Gateway (Mita-Teknik). Interfaces to third party SCADA systems are implemented according to IEC 61400-25 or other customer-defined protocols.

Wind farm management applications are designed for different hardware platforms, e.g. M1 (Bachmann) and WP4x00 (Mita-Teknik) with interfaces to the utility and direct marketing.

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