We develop, test and localize wind turbines.
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Wind turbines of the 2.0 MW class >>>  A wind turbine for various locations with variable wind classes. This wind turbine is speed-controlled, converter-guided and operates with a triple blade upwind rotor. Towers up to 160 m in height provide optimal combinations of rotor and nacelle height.

Data sheet W2E-93/2.0 and W2E-100/2.0Short technical overview over W2E-technology of 2.5 MW

Download data sheet W2E 2.0 MW wind turbine
PDF  / 266 kB

map of Worldwide Installations (W2E-93/2.0 and W2E-100/2.0)

Location of our 2.0 MW wind turbines

Installed power of 2.0 MW turbines for different countries.

Video documentation

Erection of a 2.0 wind turbine

Documentary: Erection of a 2.0 MW tabular tower wind turbine (6:17 min)