We develop, test and localize wind turbines.
Made in Germany.


Under the well-established name “W2E Wind to Energy GmbH”, we are in the business of developing, field-testing, operating and licensing state-of-the-art wind power plants. If you desire to expand your business by manufacturing multi-MW wind turbine technology under licence – we gladly transfer our know-how to you.  By partnering with us, you benefit from a short time to market, no technological entrance risk, competitive and trend-setting product features and IP, access to an international  network of established industry suppliers and a strong relationship with our dedicated design team.

W2E stärkt die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2018

Rostock. W2E beteiligt sich aktiv an der Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften, die alljährlich im April an verschiedenen Wissensstandorten der Hansestadt stattfindet. Dr. Torsten Schütt trat im Rahmen des 7MIN TALK HIDDEN CHAMPIONS in der Wissenspier bei AIDA am Standhafen auf. In einem 7-minütigen Vortrag ergriff er die Gelegenheit, W2E als Technologie-orientiertes Ingenieurbüro vorzustellen. Forschungskooperationen mit Universitäten, neuartige Regelungstechnologien und eine der größten Onshore-Windenergieanlagen mit 4,5MW wurden dem zahlreichen Publikum offeriert. Unter Anwesenheit des Rostocker Universitätsrektors Prof. Schareck beantwortete Dr. Schütt Fragen aus dem interessierten Publikum, welche sich um die Nachhaltigkeit der Windenergie, um Energiespeicher und die Digitalisierung bewegten. W2E trat dieses Jahr auch als Sponsor der Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften auf.

New Address

Kindly be informed that our head office will move from March 1st 2018 to

W2E Wind to Energy GmbH
Grubenstrasse 44
D-18055 Rostock

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Support Package for Technology Partners

Why W2E?

  1. Since 2004 and with 25 employees, W2E has designed and licensed three fully certified wind turbine platforms based on market analyses (trendsetting). All types of turbines are 100% measured and certified acc. to the IEC 61400 and the GL guideline and fulfill the international requirements of grid connection incl. LVRT. W2E reached as first company worldwide the A-Design-Assessment according to the GL 2010.
  2. Unique patented Drive Train Concept "LARUS-Compact" particularly in combination with the HybridDrive (unit between gear-box and generator) [unit consists of direct coupled gearbox and generator]
  3. W2E’s highly trained R&D staff with ample field expertise works closely together with our seasoned wind turbine technicians and wind farm operators.
  4. The personnel of the licensee is always in direct contact with the designer of the turbine (product-management, face-to-customer) and will be updated automatically weekly with the newest solutions and documentation via FTP.
  5. W2E designs state-of-the-art wind turbine technologies and in pace with other offerings on the market, optimised to the local needs (wind, market, supplier etc.), especially in consideration for the local content. The 3MW turbine was awarded "The Turbine of the Year 2013" (Silver Medal).
  6. W2E owns, operates and market-readies prototype turbines of each new design (with exception for the 4MW platform) and the licensees benefit from field-proven license products. The prototypes are the essential basis of a long-term research work.
  7. W2E is researching for the future, e.g. model-based controller, load reduction, de-icing, noise reduction (co-operations e.g. with RWTH Aachen University, University of Rostock).