Technology on Demand
4.x MW
4.x MW: New Turbine Generation | Our 4 MW class is optimized for its Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE). Rotor sizes from 150 m upwards ensure high yields even in areas with weaker wind conditions. The use of series components ensures low costs and a high availability of replacement components.
3.x MW
3.x MW: The Advanced | The award-winning 3 MW class is W2E’s most technologically advanced plant. Important features are an innovative drive train with a medium-speed generator-transmission unit, full converter system and torque bearings. Rotor diameters from 120 m to 138 m ensure high yields in areas with weak wind conditions.
2.5 MW
2.5 MW: The Experienced | The 2.5 MW class has been installed more than 300 times worldwide. Equipped with a torque bearing, the 2.5 MW class is one of the most versatile plant developments by W2E. The plant is available on tubular and lattice towers with hub heights of up to 160 m and can therefore be adapted to almost any location worldwide.
2.0 MW
2.0 MW: The Robust | The 2 MW class is comparable to the 2.5 MW class in its many variations, but is robust in many components. A steel cover of the nacelle mounted directly on the machine frame minimizes the number of components and enables a high vertical range of manufacture for our licensees. Consistent lightweight construction also allows construction with lower crane capacities.