Services: Customer Support

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Customer Support   | Wherever a problem appears: we will find an excellent solution for you. Our offer to you – worldwide, professional and prompt:

  • Training in the classroom, in the workshop and on site
  • Support of assembly and installation processes and commissioning
  • Qualification of local suppliers
  • Support for the achievement of independent development processes
  • Supervision of certification processes and measurement campaigns
  • Adaptation of designs to local requirements or other local products
  • Support of project planning and micrositing
  • Support with purchasing, service and failure analyses
  • Cooperation with production and logistics planners.

The development of efficient turbine control software is an essential part of the wind turbine design. Due to the strong influence of the control software on the loads acting on the wind turbine W2E permanently enhance their controller software to keep their wind turbine developments on cutting edge technology. Currently W2E works in parallel on the development of classical and advanced controller schemes for wind turbines. The W2E staff has more than 20 years experiences in the development of wind turbine controller software.